Bike Services / Repair

We provide full service capabilities, including routine maintenance and repairs, for all types and models of bikes to keep your bike running safely and at peak performance.

We look forward to helping you.

Feel free to drop by to chat or avail yourself of the following for free:

    1. Tire inflation
    2. Lubricating oil
    3. Repair advice
    4. Repair and crash damage estimates.

  • Jason Repairing Bike


All Bikes Need Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is generally required for the key components of your bike to keep it running smoothly and safely. This includes checking and adjusting, as required, the following:

  • Bike Parts

    1. Headset
    2. Brakes, front and rear
    3. Derailleurs, front and rear
    4. Drivetrain cleaning and lubrication
    5. Truing of the wheels
    6. Adjustments to the bottom bracket, and repacking if required/possible
    7. Adjustments to the hubs
    8. Repacking the hubs & change cartridge bearings

Bike Maintenance Services – at a Glance

  • Bike Safety Check

    Tune-up for a Kids bike or single speed bike.
    Check & tighten headset, bottom bracket, and hubs.
    Ensure brakes work properly
    Cleaning & lubrication of the chain

  • Complete Check Over

    Headset, bottom bracket & hub adjustments
    Brake & gear adjustments
    Minor wheel truing
    Cleaning & lubrication of the chain

  • Full Tune up

    ALL adjustments on the bike
    Full wheel truing
    Lube bottom bracket & hubs
    Cleaning & lubrication of the chain

We are pretty flexible, so the Safety Check labor pricing typically covers any three adjustments to your bike; the Complete Check Over covers five adjustments; and the Full Tune-Up covers all adjustments required. Parts are extra.


Specialty Repairs and Wheel builds

Specialty repairs and wheel builds are our passion. As an independent, privately owned bicycle sales and repair shop, we welcome challenges.

We can either custom build or order any color, hub, or rim configuration from Velocity or SunRinglé with spoke counts of 32, 36, or 40.

jay-repairTalk to Jay, or one of our other knowledgeable mechanics to receive:

  • A free diagnosis of your bike’s repair needs
  • Options for the repairs
  • A complete written estimate.

No appointment is necessary.

We typically provide a two to three day turnaround on repairs, but if you need it sooner, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Flats are fixed on the spot.


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    if your bike needs service.

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