Fat Bikes

Why a Fat Bike?

Go Anywhere Anytime

Surly Ice Cream Truck

With their oversized tires and impressive traction, these bicycles can be ridden virtually anywhere, expanding both your biking horizons and biking season. And, they are an eye-catching showstopper!

The fat bike typically has 4” wide or larger tires, compared to mountain bike tires that are about 2”, to ride over unstable terrain such as sand and snow. The wide tires are inflated to much lower pressures to provide increased traction and to smooth the ride over rocks and other obstacles. The squishier tires make for a generally more comfortable ride.

Who is it for?


More riders are taking to the bigger tires for more than just the snow, and using them for every day riding.


So whether you are riding on snow, mud, sand or even ice, these bikes provide incredible traction. And, they are more responsive and fun to ride than you may think.


How to Choose a Fat Bike

Recent design advances have expanded the bikes’ appeal. Current offerings ride more like traditional bikes and have improved in other subtle but important ways. Single-ring drivetrains ­offer a wide range of gears without requiring a front derailleur, which can clog with snow and ice. Changes­ in frame geometry have made the bikes more maneuverable and easier to steer.

The first step in choosing your fat bike is to consider how, when and where you plan to ride. Will it be for seasonal use, exploring previously inaccessible trails, commuting or general recreational use?

There is an evolving generation of fat bikes, with many designs being offered. We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and to acquaint you with all the available options, whether they are bikes we carry or not.



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Fat Bikes We Recommend

Surly’s new symmetrical, fatter, trail bike points towards the evolving future of fat bikes. They are the leaders in quality and design.


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