Fixed and Single Gear Bikes

Why a Fixed Gear Bike

fixed-gear-bikeThe advantages of these bikes are:

  • Simplicity (fewer parts)
  • Generally lighter weight
  • A fun ride
  • A good workout!
  • Low maintenance

Who is it for?

Fixed gear bikes are a “hot” item that many commuters and athletically inclined cyclists embrace.

Fixed and single gear Bike

These are the type of bikes that bicycle messengers frequently use, as they are fast, simple and have reduced maintenance requirements. Single speed bikes similarly have only one gear, but coasting (without pedaling) is possible and more robust braking systems are installed.

Many multi-gear bikes can be converted to a single speed bike, at minimal cost.

Single speed bikes have many of the advantages of a fixed gear bike but their coasting ability and enhanced braking capability make them a good choice for the athletically minded commuter.

Fixed Gear Bikes We Recommend

We offer pre-built and custom-built fixed gear bikes. Custom builds can cost about the same as pre-built bikes with the ability to specify the components and colors you want.


Custom build fixed gear bikes

For custom build bikes, we frequently use Surly frames as they provide an affordable frame-set that can be ridden hard with stellar performance. There are plenty of frames that look similar to the untrained eye, but Surley’s selection of tubing diameters and gauges offer the best blend of longevity, stiffness, ride quality and value for a tig-welded frame. Surly’s frames are ED coated to provide superior corrosion and scratch resistance.

  • Surly Steamroller


    The Steamroller  is made of 4130 tubing. Frames are currently available in black and yellow.

    Learn more on the Steamroller

    Schwinn Cutter

    (A popular prebuilt)


    The Schwinn Cutter frame is a high tensile steel frame with standard components that provide a quality, high-value ride.

    Learn More on the Schwinn Cutter

Select parts from our wide in-store selection, or use your own existing parts. We can also special order parts to suit your needs and custom build wheels.


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