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Why a Folding Bike?

A folding bike can open up new ways of commuting and traveling.


Folding bike in commuter train

Folding bikes are becoming increasingly popular in urban areas, and for good reason. The Tern Folding bikes that we offer are high-performance, highly rated bikes that just “happen” to fold. Performance is not sacrificed.

In the urban environment, space and security are at a premium. With a Tern folding bike, you can commute between office and home, fold it and take it on the “T” (with no limitations as there are with non-folding bikes on some buses and commuter rail), and store it in your home, apartment, or office.
These are lightweight, high-performance bicycles that merit serious consideration.

Folding bikes will allow you to:

  • Travel  on public transport at no additional cost
  • Keep thieves away  (you can bring them inside )
  • Save Space in your flat, boat RV
  • Combine bike and train, bike and bus, plane and bike
  • Save money because of the folding bikes high resale value

Who is it for?

Folding bikes are a favored by students, commuters and travelers

Folding bike in ApartmentIn addition to commuters, many of our customers have purchased Tern folding bikes for use on their boats and RV’s. Several of our clients have also purchased Tern bikes for use on extensive road trips, flying to their destination and then biking to their favorite spots.

How to Choose a folding bike

hear a few things to consider when choosing your folding bike:

The weight. The more you pay, the lighter the bike.
The folded size and ease of folding
Performance … not just a folding bike, but a performance bike that “happens” to fold

  • Wondering if this is the right tool for you

    Come and visit our Tern Folding Bike demo center

  • Get Directions

Folding Bikes We Recommend :  Terns Bikes

Tern is a relatively new entrant in the folding bike field, being a spinoff from Dahon, the former industry leader. Tern’s “N” fold design and attention to detail demanded by its European and American design teams, is fast making it the recognized medal winner. It is a high quality bike, sold only in bike stores. Busted Knuckle bikes is the stocking dealer and demo center of the Tern Folding Bikes in the Boston Area.
Tern makes folding bikes lighter, stronger and easier to use. The best solution to the problem of theft is to never leave your bike outside. The unique N fold is the most intuitive folding design and the easiest to learn making possible to bring your bike into the office, onto the train or stow it in your closet. Tern also has a full line of bags and cases for travel and storage as well as front mounted luggage and racks for maximum carrying capacity.

There are a variety of models in different wheel sizes from which to choose from:

  • TERN Node D-8

    If you could design perfect urban transport, you’d want a bicycle that rode and handled like the best city bikes on the market, with a reasonable price, that could fold in a flash so you could take it on any city bus or stash it in any cafe coat closet. That’s the Node D8, a new kind of bike that’s designed to get you around and get your stuff done.

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    Tern Verge D-9

    The Verge D9 is a trailblazer. Born out of our 451 Verge design philosophy, it has bigger race wheels, T-Tuned™ geometry, and a wide 1x drivetrain. It’s about as much value as we could condense into one bike, and it’s ready for any upgrades you can throw at it.

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  • TERN Link D-8

    Mobile phones, umbrellas, point and shoot cameras — the natural arc of evolution moves in a direction of increasing portability — the bicycle is no different. The Link D8 is your every day travel companion, whether your trip is exclusively on two wheels or in combination with buses, trains, or automobiles.

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