Hybrid / Commuter Bikes

Why a Hybrid/Commuter Bike?

As David Fiedler, bike guru, points out, a “hybrid bike blends the best characteristics of both road and mountain bikes into a bike that is sturdy,comfortable and fast, and ideal for riding on streets and bike paths.”

bike-stokerHybrid bikes are typically lower cost, but too often come equipped with inferior parts. The attractiveness of their initial low cost is frequently diminished by pervasive repair and marginal riding characteristics. But with careful selection, they can still be a good choice. It is critical to understand the tradeoffs between different hybrid models to select a bike that will meet your expectations.

Features of an hybrid bike that come from mountain bikes

  • A more upright frame, offering a more comfortable riding position.
  • Lower gear options for easier hill climbing.
  • Wider tires for increased traction and comfort.
  • Slightly wider tires for better traction and stability

Features that come from road bikes:

  • Lighter rims for faster riding
  • Lighter components and higher gearing for going faster

Who Uses a Hybrid Bike ?

Hybrid bikes can be a good choice for commuters and recreational riders.


If you envision leisurely Sunday rides in the Arnold Arboretum, occasional outings with friends in search of the perfect picnic spot and having fun while you exercise, commuting to or from work on the Southwest Corridor Parkway with a bike that is lighter weight, a hybrid or city bike is a good choice.

How to Choose a Hybrid/Commuter Bike

The key to finding  a good  hybrid bike is to find one with good components.

When using an hybrid bike to commute to work or school, you will need accessories  such as lights, racks, and locks. Choose an hybrid bike  with those built in features.

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Hybrid Bikes We Recommend

At Busted Knuckle, we offer the quality exception in the hybrid line with selected models of GT and Biria bikes.

  • GT Traffic 1.0

    The GT Traffic 1.0 is equipped with fenders, disc brakes and ergonomic bars. Offset mounts for rear rack for more clearance with paniers, plus mounts for a front rack.

    Learn more on the GT Traffic 1.0

  • Biria CitiBikes

    Classic styling –  perfect for the City or getting out of it. Well built European bikes with a rugged steel frame, 8 speeds, easy step-through, available in a variety of colors.

    Learn more about Biria

  • Biria CitiBikes

    Our Citibike is a complete commuting Bike that can take on any Urban Adventure, equipped with fenders, racks both front and rear and a steel frame that ensures reliability. Get ready to be amazed! A dependable wide ratio drive train that will work on hilly rides as well as when you are racing to get somewhere quickly, the quintessential Citi Bike!

    Learn more about Biria

  • GT Transeo 4.0

    Whether you’re looking to stay fit, have fun exploring your city, or keeping it green while getting errands done, the Transeo blends all of your needs into one sleek ride. With a suspension fork and space for racks, this bike is ready to cover all of the bases. 
    Learn more about the GT Transeo 4.0

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