Kid Bikes

How to Choose a Kid Bike

As with all bikes, sizing (getting the proper fit) of the bicycle is critical. As a guide, we suggest the following, but we custom fit the bikes to the rider (for both adults and kids):

Kids Riding Bikes


Child’s Height Bike Wheel Size
Age 2 – 4 12 inches
Age 4 – 8 34 – 42 inches 16 inches
Age 6 – 9 42 – 48 inches >18 inches
Age 8 – 12 48 – 56 inches 20 inches
Youth 56 – 62 inches 24 inches

We want a safe, fun riding experience for our children that will grow into their long-term appreciation of the enjoyment and conditioning benefits of cycling. Thus we need to set them off on the right foot (or bike), while recognizing that they will outgrow the bike in just a few years. It’s important that the fit is right, that the bike is reliable and not prone to frustrating mechanical problems, that it is easy to ride, and that it is priced reasonably.

Kid Bikes We Recommend

With these goals in mind, we have selected high quality and reasonably priced bikes from GT’s line of kids’ bikes that utilize its Legit Fit system. The Legit Fit system enables GT to build kids’ bikes that have narrower cranks, proper gearing and improved body positioning. All with the benefits of optimizing pedaling, balance, and speed right from the start. Even better is that it’s a system that works for kids of all ages…no more needing to “grow into” a bike.

  • GT Siren

    For little cruisers looking to pedal their way forward…and coaster brakes to make them stop.

    +     GT Designed Hi-Ten Steel Frame and Fork

    +     Forged 1-pc Crankset

    +     12″ Wheel

    Learn more on the Siren

  • GT Grunge

    +     GT Legit Fit System: Better Positioning, Faster Starting and Easier Pedaling
    +     GT Designed Alloy Frame
    +     Rear Coaster Brake

    Learn more on the GT Grunge


In addition, we carry Eastern BMX bicycles. These are basic, well-built BMX bikes that come with coaster and hand brakes for smaller riders.

  • Stomper

    +  GT Legit Fit System: Better Positioning, Faster Starting and Easier Pedaling
    +  GT Designed Alloy Frame
    +  Shimano Revo Twist Shifters

    Learn more on the Stomper

  • GR Vamoose

    A well designed balance bike to instill confidence as the little ones’ learn to ride.

    Learn more on the Vamoose Balance


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