Meet the Bike Shop Owner

Meet Jay

Jay is the owner and chief mechanic of the Busted Knuckle Bike Shop. He has worked in bike sales and repairs for over 15 years, both in Boston and San Francisco. He welcomes the opportunity to meet his customers and neighbors, and to provide the highest quality of service for a reasonable price.

Jay Devitt working on a flowering VaseAN AWARD-WINNING ARTIST

Jay is also an accomplished, award-winning artist, specializing in metal, having graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art, with apprenticeships in California to metal sculptors working on the Port of Los Angles reception plaza, major San Francisco, CA civic-setting installations, as well as international study under jewelers in Nepal and artisans in Greece and Australia. His broad exposure has allowed him to develop his own unique style that brings an extraordinary “lightness” to works in his favorite medium, steel.

Jason Devitt Flowering VaseJay’s unique “flowering” vases create the vision of “lightness” while having the “grounding” of steel. Contemporary artists have acknowledged Jay’s work as breaking new ground in a medium that has been traditionally been associated with massive “out-front” art, with his pieces that reflect the subtle, inner beauty of metal sculpture. His garden sculptures are renowned for their flowing designs, celebrating the freedom of the human spirit.