Mountain Bikes

Why a Mountain Bike?

Mountain bikes are probably the most familiar bike to most riders.

Couple-riding-Mountain-bikeMountain bike geometry and primary bike components are selected to enable off-road riding:

  • “Fatter” tires than road bikes
  • Shock-absorbing features
  • Better braking systems (to handle dirt trails and the obstacles that come with them)
  • Lower gears to more easily handle steep terrain.

Although the most popular bike, most riders do not ride off road and thus endure some comprises (including higher rolling friction and a somewhat slower ride on dry pavement) while not experiencing the off-road benefits. But, their ruggedness, comfort, and stability, appeal to many riders.

From the serious enthusiast’s perspective, mountain bikes have evolved and improved significantly over the past several years, with designs tailored for their intended use, be it cross country (racing over long distances), downhill racing, bike packing, trail riding and racing, or dirt jumping.


Who is it for?

Mountain bikes are a great choice for recreational riders but can also be used for commuting.



They are well suited for riders who want a solid, rugged and durable bike to ride over all surfaces.

Many commuters like mountain bikes because they can withstand potholes while still providing comfort. The offset is that their smaller diameter wheel makes the mountain bike somewhat less efficient on dry pavement than road bikes with their larger diameter wheel.


How to Choose a Mountain Bike

The first step in choosing your mountain bike is to plan how and where you plan to ride. Your riding style, the terrain, and your riding preferences will guide your choice.

Mountain bike design can generally be categorized by intended use:

* XC XC/Race
* Enduro All Mountain
* Free Ride / Downhill
* Park / MTBMX

There has been movement towards a 29 inch (vs 26 “) wheel diameter, which although it results in a higher center of gravity, will provide higher speeds and higher roll-over capability for trail obstacles. The disadvantage of the 29er is the higher center of gravity (less stability in cornering) and a higher stand-over height which makes it not well suited for shorter riders. To compensate, a 27.5 inch model is also available, although it is less popular in the US than in Europe.

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Mountain Bikes We Recommend

We offer several designs of mountain bikes to meet the intended uses, budget, and expectations of our riders.


  • XC XC/Race Bikes
    * GT Karakoram 3.0
    * GT Karakoram 2.0

  • Enduro All Mountain
    * GT Force

  • Free Ride / Downhill
    * GT Force
    * GT Fury

  • Park / MTBMX
    * GT Labomba
    * GT Ruckus DJ.


For those that want the general capabilities of a good mountain bike, even if there will not be significant off-road riding, we offer the GT Karakoram Comp that offers excellent performance at a reasonable price. For the die-hard enthusiast, we offer an extended line of GT bikes.

  • Pantera

    When you want the maneuverability of a traditional trail bike to take on the technical steeps, balanced with the stability that a 29er brings over the rooted, rocky and rutted out sections of your local trails, you can find it all in a Plus bike. With 27.5”+ tires, you’ve got the best of both worlds.
    Learn more about the Pantera

  • Karakoram Elite

    The Karakoram is the perfect 29er for the new rider looking to get a capable trail bike. The Karakoram climbs easily and accelerates well; at its price point, you’d be hard pressed to find a better performing 29er. The Karakoram Elite is similar to the Karakoram Comp, but with upgraded fork, shocks, crank, derailleurs, and brakes .
    Learn more on the Karakoram Elite

  • Karakoram Comp

    Karakoram Comp is a 29er mountain bike (29 inch wheel bike) with 27 speeds hydraulic disc brakes and shocks. An entry-level mountain bike that can be upgraded to suit your skill level.
    Learn more on the Karakoram Comp 

  • Aggressor Expert

    The GT Aggressor is like the Sport Utility Vehicle of the bike world. With its capable handling, rugged versatility and comfortable, confidence-inspiring performance, there isn’t much it can’t do. Equally happy camping out on mountain trails or cruising around town with friends, the Aggressor is ready for anything.
    Learn more about the Aggressor Expert


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