Road Bikes

Why a Road Bike?

Road bikes are designed for longer rides and enhanced performance. Road bikes are generally lighter than mountain or hybrid bikes, have “skinnier” tires and are designed to be ridden on hard surfaces.

Road Bike

There are two basic variations of road bikes: “Dropped-bar” handles and “flat-bar” handles.

Dropped-bar Road Bike

The rider leans further forward than in the flat-bar alternative, improving the rider/bike aerodynamic profile. The rider also has more options as to where to “grip” the handlebar to adjust to various road conditions and comfort needs.

Flat-bar Road Bike

The flat-bar alternative provides for a more upright riding experience. The bikes generally have slightly larger tires than pure road bikes, but skinnier than mountain bikes or hybrids.

Who is it for?

Road bikes are an excellent choice for commuters, recreational riders and racers.

Commuter Riding Road Bike

Flat-bar road bike have become increasingly popular in recent years, favored by commuters.

How to Choose a Road Bike

Proper fit is essential for road bikes, as it is with all bikes. However, for road bikes a poor fit can be uncomfortable or even painful, and reduce the efficiency of your pedaling.

Depending upon the road bike model, it may include racks, lighting systems or fenders for commuting or touring use. We have a complete line of accessories to equip your bike to meet your needs.

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Road Bikes We Recommend

For our pre-built road bikes, amongst the various lines available, we favor GT road bikes as they offer a quality product at great value. … GT is a full spectrum bike company that offers a full line of commuter, hybrid, road and specialty mountain bikes.

  • GT Grade Sora


    Grade Sora

    The GTR Grade Sora is a performance oriented bike that can fit your budget.

    Learn more on the GTR Grade Sora

  • GT Grade Tiagra

    Never before has a high-tech road bike been so capable on low-tech roads. The Grade is ready for everything, from freshly-paved switchbacks to the gravel roads– and everything in between. The Grade knows no bounds.

    Learn more on the GT Tiagra 


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