Selecting the Right Bike

How to Choose an Adult bike

To select the bike that is right for you, consider how you will use the bike:

  • Are you a commuter, a recreational rider, or both?
  • Where do you intend to ride?
  • How often do you ride?
  • What is your budget?

There are several types of bikes that fit the needs of most riders.

We have carefully selected both the bike manufacturers and the specific models by manufacturer that provide our customers with the best quality, performance and value.

  • Fixed Gear Bikes


    • Simple
    • Rugged
    • Lighter
    • Fun ride
    • Great workout
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  • Road Bikes

    Road Bikes

    • Light weight
    • Fast ride
    • Enhanced performance for racing and recreation
    • Event road races
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  • Mountain Bikes

    Mountain Bike

    • Rugged
    • More comfortable than a road bike
    • Durable over all surfaces
    • Off-road capable and welcoming
    • Handles potholes and other city street challenges
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  • Hybrid/Commuter Bikes

    Hybrid Bikes

    Combines the “best” features of road and mountain bikes

    • Upright riding position
    • Lower gear options for easier hill climbing
    • Wider tires for increased traction and comfort
    • Well suited for street and bike-path riding
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  • Folding Bikes

    Folding Bike

    • Excellent commuter bike
    • Welcome on all “T” and commuter rail lines
    • Surprisingly high performance
    • Security … take it into your home or office
    • Light weight and strong
    • A fun, fast ride
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  • Fat Tire Bikes



    • Go Anywhere
    • Go Anytime
    • Great winter commuter
    • Fun ride year round
    • Explore new trails
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How to Choose a Kids bike

To choose a Kid bike, you need to look for: